Our Culture

Our Children and Young People are at the forefront of everything we do!

Each Child and Young Person is unique and the care they receive is adapted and focused to ensure they develop and thrive.

We usually ask our staff why they stay, and the answer is always the same – the Children and Young People. Our teams are committed to providing the best support, guidance and care for our Children and Young People. They work together as a team to create nurturing environments for the Children and Young People, and also support each other through the more challenging days.

Our teams are proud of what they do and we are proud to say we do not just stop when a Young Person turns 18. As well as providing ‘staying close’ packages for those moving on, we also have two Semi Independent provisions where Young People are provided support and shown life skills to ensure they are ready for the life changing transition into independent living. 

At Homes2inspire, we also recognize that we would not be able to do what we do without all of the individuals that work for us and it is important for us to ensure we provide training, development and progression to all our staff. Our excellent team of Managers continually develop their teams, to allow them the opportunities they have received during their careers. We strongly believe in investing in our people and look to empower those with the commitment and dedication to their roles to progress within the organisation.  

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Our Success Stories

  • "Communication is excellent. We are able to share information effectively to the benefit of the children, and we work together to ensure that they are happy and safe. Children here do extremely well."

    Magnolia Ofsted report: A local police officer said,
  • “I know that the staff are thinking about me when I am out with my friends, and that makes me feel good.”

    Magnolia Ofsted report: One child said,
  • “I arrived there with no family and left with a big family.”

    Eversley Ofsted report: A young person who has successfully transitioned to semi-independent living said,
  • "This place has turned my life around. I feel safe and listened to. Staff are very supportive."

    Harpury Ofsted report: A child said,
  • “A child has developed trusted relationships with all staff. He has a fantastic relationship with his key worker. He has been supported to change what were very challenging behaviours and now he has a belief in himself.”

    Braidley Ofsted report
  • “I like the staff. They always listen to me.”

    Buckby Ofsted report: One young person said,
  • “Children report that they feel safe in this home.”

    Evans Ofsted report:
  • “He moved in a boy, and left a man with his head held high.”

    Hatton Ofsted report:
  • “They work with her exceptionally well and staff treat her like they would their own children. The home is like a little family. They understand her and understand what she needs.”

    Hillside Ofsted report: A social worker said,
  • “Everyone here has really helped me. They are good with all of the children. Staff stick by us.”

    Holly Ofsted report: One child said,
  • “The best thing about this home is the staff. It is a weird sort of family.”

    Salmons Ofsted report: One child said,
  • “They helped me massively to turn my life around.”

    Wallis Ofsted report:
  • “Children are happy and settled and see the home as their home. They feel valued because they are central to decision-making about their lives.”

    Wendover Ofsted report: