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Childrens Homes

Regional Operations Manager – The Regional Managers are the Responsible Individuals for our homes providing support and guidance to the Home Managers on all matters relating to the Children’s home. This includes meeting with Local authorities to discuss the Children and Young People in our care individually to ensure all of their needs are met within their homes.

Registered Children’s Home Manager – The Home Manager is imperative in managing and supporting their team, providing mentorship and developing them to succeed in their personal development plans whilst ensuring good oversight of all the goings on in the home. They meet regularly with external stakeholders to discuss the best ways to support their Children and Young people and ensure each Child an Young person is treated as the unique individual they are.

Deputy Home Manager – The Deputy Home Manager is instrumental in the day to day running of the Children’s Home, not only do they support the Home Manager and deputise in their absence, they manage the team of Senior Support Workers ensuring the team are working together to meet the needs of the children and young people in our care.

Children’s Home Administrator – The Administrator is responsible for supporting the Managers, team and home by providing an effective and efficient administration service including supporting the Management team with the finances for the home.

Senior Support Worker – The Seniors lead a team of Support Workers to ensure the children and young people are reaching their full potential. The role is responsible for leading the shift, and supporting the Management team in the effective running of the home.

Youth Support Worker – The Youth Support Workers act as a corporate parent to the children and young people we care for, helping them thrive in their day to day lives, build on their independence skills and providing a warm, nurturing and homely environment to live in. They support the children and young people with getting to education, getting ready for their day and prepare nutritional meals for them.

Waking Night Youth Support Worker – The role of the Night Support Worker is crucial in providing a safe environment for our Children and Young people during the night state to ensure. Building positive relationships is always important for this role to enable to them to define structure and boundaries with the Children and Young People to ensure they settle for the night and are well rested for the day ahead. 

As part of your role, you may be required to support in other homes across your cluster. This is a great opportunity to work with other colleagues across the homes and further develop your skills and knowledge.

If you are interested in applying for roles please click here and if we are not currently advertising for a role but you would like to contact us for future roles send your CV to stating what role you are interested in.

Semi Independent Provisions

Service Director – The Service Director is responsible for the management oversight of the Semi Independent provision which supports young people with their transition in to independent living.

Heads of Department – The department heads are responsible for leading and managing the Team Leaders for effective running of the provision and ensuring all the young people are supported with their individual needs. They are responsible for facilitating and coordinating the multi-agency service delivery, offering support and guidance to staff and maintaining the provisions health and safety requirements. 

Team Leaders – The Team Leaders are responsible for leading the shift and managing a team of Support Officers, providing effective supervision, mentorship and guidance to ensure they have the best tools to support the young people with their daily needs and encourage their independence.

Support Officers – The Support Officers are integral in helping the care leavers gain independent living skills through working collaboratively on a range of activities and workshops. They are responsible for empowering the young people, by modelling positive behaviors and encouraging the young people to reach their full potential.

If you are interested in applying for roles please click here and if we are not currently advertising for a role but you would like to contact us for future roles send your CV to stating what role you are interested in.

Central Team

Human Resources (HR) – The people are the key part in all organisations and HR play a key part in managing the employees life cycle ensuring a positive experience. This includes recruitment, employee relations, payroll, benefits and consulting with Managers on strategic planning.

Learning & Development (L&D) – In order to effectively care for our Children & Young People, our staff need the right training. All of our people start on an intial training course to provide them with the skills and knowledge to start in their roles including safeguarding, managing boundaries and behavior de-escalation. However, this is only the start! The L&D team are responsible for coming up with creative and innovative ways to support our people to learn new skills and ensure they are provided up to date training to work with our Children & Young people including providing training based on a Child or Young Persons individual need. 

Quality Assurance (QA) – Quality assurance creates clear expectations for everyone! The QA team ensure everyone is working towards the expectations and in line with company policies and procedures through auditing.  This not only allows our Managers to share best practice but ensure a consistent approach to working with our Children and Young People.

Facilities – Homes2insire pride ourselves on the standards of our homes and our Facilities team work alongside Managers to ensure the standards are maintained including planned maintenance, re-decoration and emergency maintenance.

Service Development – Homes2inspire work closely with local authorities in developing services for their Children & Young People suited to their individual needs. Service Development are responsible for liaising with local authorities to discuss these needs, respond to bids for new business and ensure the organisation is well represented within the market.

Operations – The Operations team work with Managers to ensure all homes and provisions are operating effectively. The team are responsible for maintaining and increasing the efficiency of the homes and provisions, sharing best practice, data and utilising trend analysis to strategically plan and improve performance within the areas that they work.

Referrals – The Referrals team is the first point of call for local authorities who are looking to place a Child or Young Person with Homes2inspire. They work closely with the managers to find suitable placements and liaise with Social Workers to ensure the needs of the Child or Young person are met.

If you are interested in applying for roles please click here and if we are not currently advertising for a role but you would like to contact us for future roles send your CV to stating what role you are interested in.

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Our Success Stories

  • "Communication is excellent. We are able to share information effectively to the benefit of the children, and we work together to ensure that they are happy and safe. Children here do extremely well."

    Magnolia Ofsted report: A local police officer said,
  • “I know that the staff are thinking about me when I am out with my friends, and that makes me feel good.”

    Magnolia Ofsted report: One child said,
  • “I arrived there with no family and left with a big family.”

    Eversley Ofsted report: A young person who has successfully transitioned to semi-independent living said,
  • "This place has turned my life around. I feel safe and listened to. Staff are very supportive."

    Harpury Ofsted report: A child said,
  • “A child has developed trusted relationships with all staff. He has a fantastic relationship with his key worker. He has been supported to change what were very challenging behaviours and now he has a belief in himself.”

    Braidley Ofsted report
  • “I like the staff. They always listen to me.”

    Buckby Ofsted report: One young person said,
  • “Children report that they feel safe in this home.”

    Evans Ofsted report:
  • “He moved in a boy, and left a man with his head held high.”

    Hatton Ofsted report:
  • “They work with her exceptionally well and staff treat her like they would their own children. The home is like a little family. They understand her and understand what she needs.”

    Hillside Ofsted report: A social worker said,
  • “Everyone here has really helped me. They are good with all of the children. Staff stick by us.”

    Holly Ofsted report: One child said,
  • “The best thing about this home is the staff. It is a weird sort of family.”

    Salmons Ofsted report: One child said,
  • “They helped me massively to turn my life around.”

    Wallis Ofsted report:
  • “Children are happy and settled and see the home as their home. They feel valued because they are central to decision-making about their lives.”

    Wendover Ofsted report: