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Empowered ehopping experience – Somerset Council Partnership

The Homes2Inspire team have recently facilitated an empowered shopping experience at their furniture provider in Bicester on 22 June, which was attended by three care experienced young people and the Voice of the Child – Participation & Engagement Officer for Somerset.

The day aimed to provide the care experienced young people with an empowered shopping experience to help furnish the new homes to be opened in Somerset.

the furniture provider closed their warehouse for this day, which enabled exclusive use of the warehouse to lie on beds, sit on sofas and open wardrobes, all of which the young people were amazed with.

Lunch was provided and feedback was gathered about the materials the young people thought would help to create the exceptional homes we strive to continuously uphold.

Once the shopping experience was completed, the Voice of the Child – Participation & Engagement Officer for Somerset came back in to thank the team once again, with the Young People echoing the positive praise and the amazing attitude to support young people.  

‘The visit to the furniture manufacturer only reinforced my belief in the philosophy and work of Homes2Inspire as being both pioneering and outstanding. The value they show their young people can been seen in both the relationships of staff and young people and the quality of homes they have. This is what changes a Children’s home into a home for children.’

Damien Erangey. Participation & Engagement Officer: Voice of the Child. Somerset County Council.

‘I was amazed at the quality of furniture offered to young people by Homes2Inspire. I didn’t think from experience that so much money would be spent. It really did have furniture I would want in my own home. I felt that my views were listened to and that Homes2Inspire value young people.’

Holly Churchill. Somerset in Care and Leaving Care Councils.

“I was very excited to have the opportunity to be involved in the process and being given the chance to share my views, opinions and experiences. At first I was expecting to walk into something like Ikea but upon arrival and seeing that the shop we were visiting was a small business with tons of potential! The furniture and items they had were phenomenal! I was left speechless by the quality and care that’s been put into every piece of furniture! They were extremely welcoming and were on hand to help us and give us information about any pieces of furniture that caught our eyes. As a whole I thoroughly enjoyed my time visiting and would be very happy to visit again!”

​​​​​​​Ryan Leakey. Somerset in Care and Leaving Care Councils.
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