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Message from Paul Cook, Managing Director Homes2Inspire

Since my last message the Government have announced a further period of ‘lock down’ to restrict the spread of this virus and protect the NHS.  I am sure I echo everybody’s continued gratitude and admiration for the work of the NHS at this time particularly when we see that a number of NHS staff have lost their lives possibly as a result of the work they undertake to help people suffering from COVID-19. 

Again I re-iterate and thank H2I staff who are doing a fantastic job in our children’s homes looking after some of the most complex and vulnerable children and young people.  This is not just happening in our homes but across the residential children’s home sector whether it is run by companies such as ours owned by charity, Local Authorities or the Private Sector.  Thank you as well to all keyworkers across the whole Social Care sector as well as those keeping our essential services working, they deserve our admiration.

As COVID-19 hits the Country more and more people are seeing the direct consequence of this terrible pandemic with immediate family, friends and colleagues losing loved ones too soon, our thoughts and condolences go out to anybody in these tragic circumstances.

I would like to reiterate again my thanks to everyone in H2I and FosteringtoInspire for doing such a fantastic job, not only in looking after young people but caring and supporting each other it is at times like these we see the very best in so many people.

I would like to welcome new staff to Homes2Inspire who have joined during this period and are grateful for you coming forward to work with us at this difficult time.  We are continuing to recruit new staff as the demand for our services continues to increase.

Finally, I would like to thank our Local Authority partners for working proactively with us in supporting the work we are undertaking and the availability and the accessibility of Ofsted over this period it is great to see this spirit of partnership and coming together to support the work we are all undertaking.

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